Vikings News · Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week: Aundra Reese Jr.

Aundra Reese Jr is the kind of young man that you would be proud to have raised. He’s respectful, courteous, well mannered, and he puts others first. When you see Aundra in the hallway at Jasper High School, he always has a handshake, a kind word, and a million dollar smile. He is an active member of Woodland Trace Church of Christ, an integral part of the show choir, and has four varsity letters in football as a defensive lineman. Aundra is summed up best by his Defensive Coordinator, Kyle Butler. Coach Butler says, “Aundra is a great leader for us. He’s had a very productive year so far. We really lean on his leadership up front. He is not only a great leader on the field, he is a fantastic leader in our school as well. Aundra is really involved in other school activities”. We are proud to recognize Aundra’s leadership, involvement, and commitment to excellence as he is this week’s Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week.

Aundra is the son of Marie and Aundra Reese Sr. He carries a 3.1 Grade Point Average, and he plans to either attend UAB or South Alabama after finishing his time in Jasper. He plans on gaining a nursing degree where he would like to begin helping others as soon as possible.

His favorite memory while at Jasper High “has to be the pep rallies on Fridays. There is nothing else in the world like it. The energy in the gym is absolutely amazing”. When he ponders what he will miss most when he graduates, one thing comes to mind, “The friday night lights. Being on Ki-Ro Gambrell Field and knowing you have the support of the entire town is unreal. It really seems as if they (the entire community) are right their with you the whole way”.

When Aundra thinks of some advice that he can offer a younger student athlete, he gives very appropriate advice as he is finishing his career here. He says, “To keep going. The summers get shorter and shorter every year. Workouts get harder and the practices get longer, but throughout all that- have fun, play each game like it is your last, and most importantly- cherish the people around you”.

When thinking of the teacher who has had the greatest impact on his life, Aundra cannot single out one. “I am fortunate that I cannot name just one certain teacher who has impacted me more than the others. All of my teachers have always wanted the best for me, and will always be there to help me with anything I need. Jasper does a great job making sure to have teachers that will pour their hearts into your life”.

When asked who he would like to thank, Aundra says “I would like to thank my mom for being my rock. Without her, I wouldn’t have the passionate drive and love I have for the things that I desire. Also, my daddy is the hardest working man that I know. He is always at every game no matter how tired he is from a long night of work. He will always be there for me.

We would like to thank Warehouse 3Nineteen for helping us recognize Aundra and all of the other student athletes at Jasper High School.