Vikings News · Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week: Jordan Gilbert

As an educator, there are students that you come across that seem as if they have been in your school forever. Some, you are ready for them to graduate, and some….. you wish you could keep them forever. The latter ones are the ones that are hard to see go. Even though you know that great things await them in life, and you cannot wait to see the places they will go, you just can’t imagine what school is going to be like without them there- anywhere- in the huddle- in the locker room- in the building- just anywhere at Jasper High School. Their laugh fills the halls, their voice echoes in the gym, their smile lights up the classroom, and their presence makes our school a better place. This week’s Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete is that kid. She has that laugh, she has that voice, she has that smile, and her presence makes our school a better place. Our Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week for this Week is Volleyball and Basketball Player, Jordan Gilbert.

Jordan is the daughter of two educators, (Darius and Jada Gilbert). We are so fortunate to have both Darius and Jada on staff at Jasper High, and it is very evident to see how Jordan turned out to be such a great kid when you meet her parents. Jordan is an all-state performer in Volleyball, will be a four year letterman in Basketball, and is an honor student in the classroom. As far as her educational future is concerned, Jordan is still undecided about where she will attend college, but she would like to major in Public Relations and pursue a career that will “create happiness and financial stability”.

When each student looks back on their time, there are certain memories that are etched in their brain, and eventually mold them into who they become. For Jordan, she says that moment “oddly” came in the State Volleyball Championship Game her sophomore year. “Even though we lost, we played unbelievably well and the energy in the arena was unexplainable. It made me more hungry for the season to come, so that I would never have that feeling again”. That feeling that Jordan is talking about has been the spring board for a state #1 Ranking that has lasted some 413 consecutive days.

As Jordan reflects back on her time here at Jasper, she says that there are things that she will miss more than others. “I will miss my friends, going to my mom’s classroom to get snacks, and being able to see either of my parents in the hallway”. As she thinks about these experiences and friendships that have had such a large impact on her life, we asked her to pause and think of some advice that she could offer younger student athletes that might could have a lasting impact on theirs. Jordan advises them that “Grades are important. Being a student-athlete is hard; you must learn to balance your social life, your academic life, and your athletic life”.

When asked which teacher has had the greatest impact on her life, Jordan says that “Coach Pugh has had the most impact on my life because she has been there for me in my good and bad times. She has pushed me as a person since the 9th grade. I will always cherish our talks and relationship”. In the same thought process, Jordan was asked who she would like to thank. She responded, “I would like to thank my parents because they are literally my best friends. We’ve been through EVERYTHING together and they encourage me to live up to my potential and be who God has called me to be”.

We would like to thank Jordan for being a light in our school, and for positively impacting our community. We would also like to thank Warehouse 3Nineteen for helping us recognize the student athletes making a difference in our school, and the world around us. Go visit beautiful historic downtown Jasper and experience Food, Fun, and Friends at Warehouse 3Nineteen- Tell them the Vikings sent you!