Vikings News · Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week: Kelsey Shelton

Have you ever been around that one person that knows everything that is going on. No…. Like I mean everything that’s going on. EVERYTHING- EVERYWHERE- ALL THE TIME. They are always in the know. They are always in the know because they care. What is going on is important to them. They keep their finger on the pulse of things, and if things are going bad, they can fix them. These special people keep things moving in the right direction because the direction of the collective group and the betterment of everyone else is important to them. They want what’s best for everyone, and they seek to make others feel special. Kelsey Shelton knows what goes on at Jasper High School. She knows because Jasper High School is important to her. The students, the teachers, the classes, the clubs, the teams, she knows about all of them. She impacts all of them, because she cares about them, and they care about her. Our school is a better place because Kelsey is a part of it. Her outstanding academic achievement is only outdone by her heart for others. Kelsey is this week’s Warehouse 3Nineteen Student Athlete of the Week.

Kelsey is the daughter of Taleda Blair and Demetris Shelton. She plays volleyball, basketball, and runs track for the Vikings. A member of the MAC, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, and also a Diamond Darling, Kelsey has plenty of things to occupy her attention.

All of Kelsey’s activities along with being a standout athlete has not taken away from her academic endeavors in the least, as she has maintained a 3.75 Grade Point Average in college prep courses. Her future plans include attending the University of North Alabama and pursuing a career in nursing.

Everyone has a favorite high school memory. For Kelsey, this is no different. The memory that will stick with her longer than any other came in winning the 5A State Volleyball Championship last season. That was an unbelievable experience for our school, and Kelsey was a big part of that winning effort.

When asked what she would miss most about Jasper High School when her days here are over, in true Kelsey fashion, she answered “the teachers”. She will miss most those who have had the greatest impact on her, and in return, she will be one that they miss when she no longer graces these halls.

Each student athlete has a great impact on younger student athletes. Most older athletes never understand the impact that they can offer to younger student athletes. When I asked Kelsey what advice she would offer to younger students, she offered the following words of wisdom, “Don’t take things for granted”. This is a simple statement, but it holds a lot of power. It calls us to appreciate what we have, while we have it. We should be where our feet are and enjoy the present.

When asked what teacher has had the greatest impact on her life, Kelsey gave that credit to Mrs. Turner, one of her elementary school teachers who has been instrumental in her life.

Kelsey was given the opportunity to thank those who have had the greatest impact on her development into the person that she is today. She “would like to thank my mom for pushing me to always do my best”.

We would like to thank Kelsey for making Jasper High School a better place, and for positively impacting the lives of those around her. We would also like to thank Warehouse 3Nineteen for helping us honor Kelsey and all of the other extraordinary student athletes at Jasper High School. Go by and see our good friends at Warehouse 3Nineteen. They are located in the heart of historic downtown Jasper. Tell them how much you enjoy their articles, and try the gumbo….. You’ll thank me later.